Global Map Quiz

Global Map Quiz is an interesting geography quiz game. It's time to travel the world and test your knowledge, accept the challenge and take top positions in the ranking.

✅ How to play

The task of the game is to guess the countries, or rather their location on the map. Every day, the player gets the opportunity to guess 7 countries by name and flag. The task is to indicate their location as accurately as possible. As soon as the player indicates the correct answer, the next one appears.

In case of an error, hints are provided on the screen. The arrow indicates the direction of travel to the desired country. The player can endlessly search for a state, but such an answer will not be counted among the correct ones.

A more difficult quiz mode is available - find the country just by the flag. The player has the opportunity to demonstrate not only his knowledge of the map, but also his knowledge of the symbols of the countries of the world.

Game results

At the end of the game, the participant receives the following results:
  • The number of correct answers from 7 riddles;
  • number of errors;
  • Possibility to spread the result in networks;
  • Time to the next challenge.

In addition to the game rating, the player can receive additional awards:

  • For guessed 5, 10, 30 countries in a row;
  • For guessing countries without a name, only by flag;
  • For the absence of an error;
  • For guessing the countries of a particular region or part of the world without errors.


Choose a training mode when you need to improve your knowledge. A map is placed in front of the player, on which you can move and study the location of all countries of the world. For convenience, you can study geography by a separate region. Then the countries will be highlighted in different colors, which makes it easier to remember.

In practice mode, the participant must find 51 countries. On the screen is a counter of attempts, errors and correct answers. Train, expand your knowledge of geography and get to know the world. Win and share your achievements on social networks.

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