Statele is a quiz game for those who are ready to test their knowledge of the USA. Travel on the map and guess the American territories simply by contours.

✅ How to play Statele

The player's task is to name the state depicted in front of him. Six attempts are given for guessing, each of which corresponds to the row below. Choose an option, type the name and wait for the result. If you failed to guess on the first try, additional data will appear next to the name. Use the information in the lines opposite the state as a clue.

The numerical value shows the distance to the guessed location. The arrow in the line shows the direction of the location of the territory according to the selected option. With such data, you can choose the correct answer as accurately as possible. The list of states opens automatically as soon as you start typing the name.

In addition to the direction and distance to the classified state, each line indicates the percentage of accuracy of the specified option.

The task is easy to complete - choose a more difficult mode. Choose options without displaying the map or changing the accuracy percentage to a percentage that indicates the size of the area.

Statistics will save achievements with detailed information: number of games, percentage of wins, serial number of successful attempts and more. Improve your knowledge and take top positions in the rankings. You can share your successes on social networks with your friends.

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