Flagdle is a quiz game for those who want to test their flag knowledge. Bright and diversely designed flags will be a real challenge for players. Accept the challenge and win the game. Each day a new task awaits the participant.

✅ How to play Flagdle

A flag of one of the world's countries appears on the playing field in front of the participant. For guessing, 6 attempts are provided, which are displayed by horizontal bars under the image. Enter the first name of the state and wait for the result. Additional information will appear opposite the selected option, for example, the distance to the country whose flag is depicted. The blue arrow indicates the direction where the state is located, according to the direction indicated by the player. Take into account the percentage of accuracy. Consider the hints and enter the next option.

If you fail to guess after six tries, the country name will open automatically. Track success in the game in the statistics section. The corresponding icon is located in the right corner of the screen. In addition to the number of rounds played, you can see the percentage of success and the number of wins. Find out which attempts are most successful and the average number needed to win.

Improve your knowledge of geography, as well as train your memory, logical and critical thinking. Flagdle is a great intellectual game for a friendly company or a large family. Solve tasks together and get a boost of positivity and satisfaction.

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