City Guesser

City Guesser is a game for real expert not only of countries of the world, but also of cities. Guess the name of the city on the map and get rewards and titles. Complete the maximum number of levels and set game records.

✅ How to play

The player receives a map of the city with the main roads and other connections. The task of the game is to guess the name of the city. There are 4 options for capital cities with the names of states.

Answer the questions, find the correct answer, i.e. the name and go to the next level. For the correct answer, the participant receives encouraging shouts, points for the account, as well as the transition to the next level.

To get a better look at the location, you can zoom in or out on the map using the zoom option. You can also move the map to see the image in detail. Take into account the saturation of traffic junctions, the location of water bodies, as well as other features of the territory.

In case of an error, the correct answer is displayed on the screen. 2 mistakes return the player to the starting level. The best results of all rounds are recorded on the screen. The player can improve his achievements and improve his knowledge.

Having passed 5 levels, the player has the rank of a beginner, 6-10 levels - a casual traveler, 11-15 - a map lover, and others. Guess all the cities and get the highest title after overcoming level 31 or more - Doctor of Philosophy in Geography.

Travel around the world's cities and expand your knowledge of geography. Guess the capitals and get the maximum number of points.

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