Love to travel and watch YouTube videos? Then Explordle will definitely become your favorite game in your spare time. Watch the videos and guess the location. New tasks are waiting for you every day. Don't forget to challenge your friends and show off your victories.

✅ How to play Explordle

Choose the category in which you are ready to test your knowledge. You can guess locations by country or by topic, for example, landmarks, capitals, or countries. In addition, you can choose challenge modes: daily or random.

In daily mode, watch the video and guess the location. There are several attempts to find the clue. To do this, choose the continent, country and city from the three options provided. Pay attention to the smallest details. A hint in the video can be anything: climate features, the language of passers-by, directional signs, inscriptions on buildings, monuments and notable examples of architecture.

Each of the options has a small element in the form of a map. Click on the icon and get an open map with the exact location of the city or country. Choose option after option and enjoy interesting videos from the most remote countries of the world.

You can share your result on social networks. Train your memory and thinking daily, and travel the world with a few clicks on your smartphone.

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