EU Flag Quiz

EU Flag Quiz is an intellectual and entertaining game in which you need to demonstrate your knowledge of the flags of European countries. Test and improve your skills, have fun and set records. Remember the tricolors, pay attention to additional elements and enjoy bright colors.

✅ How to play

There are 51 countries in the game. The task of the participant is to choose the one that corresponds to the name of the state from three options of flags. There is no time to think, because the game is limited by a timer. Each country has 5 seconds. If the player does not have time to choose an option, the answer is not counted and the following flags and tasks appear on the screen.

If the answer is correct, the player receives positive encouragement, and the flag is highlighted with a green frame. At the bottom of the screen, you can track the status of the account. The first indicator indicates the number of passed questions out of the total number of riddled countries. The second numerical value shows the number of correct answers.

The player is waiting for the names of major countries of the world and their flags, as well as more difficult tasks, namely little-known small states.

The intellectual game will train the mind, improve memory and thinking, and activate knowledge of geography.

At the end of the round, the participant will be able to see the total score on the screen. The number of points earned for the entire quiz, as well as the best score of the game.

Participants can take the quiz and improve their knowledge as much as possible without limitation in time and number of attempts.

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