Geo World Game

Do you remember geography lessons or do you like to travel and are interested in countries and places of interest? Then it's time to test your knowledge by playing Geo World Game. An interesting intellectual quiz game that will help refresh your knowledge or acquire new ones.

✅ How to play Geo World Game

Guess the puzzle word and improve your status. There are 5 squares on the playing field in 6 rows. The player has 6 attempts to enter the guess word. Choose the first option, which consists of 5 letters. To do this, type the word using the keyboard on the screen. After entering, the squares with letters will change color.

Use the color marking as a hint. The green color indicates that the letter is not only present in the puzzled word, but is also in its place. If the letter is colored orange, it is present in the secret name, but the position could not be guessed. Letters that are missing in the word are highlighted in gray.

For convenience, the letters on the keyboard are also painted over, which allows you to quickly navigate in the next attempts. The scrambled word will be revealed if the player fails to guess it.

In the right corner of the screen there is a statistics icon, where you can track your own achievements. A member can see the number of games he has played, wins and success percentage. In addition, it will be indicated how many attempts were used to find the guess.

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