Capital and Country Quiz

Capital and Country Quiz is an intellectual game for adults and children. Train your attention, improve your knowledge of geography, analyze information and learn many new facts about the countries of the world. Go on a journey around the globe, discovering new knowledge for yourself.

Choose a category

The extraordinary Capital and Country Quiz has several sections. The player can choose the category in which he wants to play:
  • Flags
  • The capital
  • Maps
  • Attractions
  • Currency
Depending on the chosen category of the player, various tasks await. For example, given the name of a country and six flags, you need to select the appropriate one by clicking on one of the images. In the "Capitals" section, the player receives the name of the country and 5 names of cities.

It is necessary to guess which of them is the main city of the indicated state. Tasks of the "Maps" category show a country on a map of a part of the world. Among the four options, the participant must choose the name of the state shown on the map.

Do you like to travel and explore new places of interest? Choose a section with an image of famous locations of different states. A picture and the name of a landmark, as well as 6 states, are displayed on the screen. Match and move on to the next image.

For money lovers, they offer to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of world currencies. Select the currency for the name of the country from the available six options.

✅ How to play

15 seconds are provided for solving each question. In addition, the player has the right to three errors. Open the category and guess task by task. As soon as the timer runs out or the participant makes three mistakes, the game ends.

The number of correct answers is recorded with an asterisk. At the end of the game and setting a new record for the player, there is a confetti greeting on the screen.

The rating of the best players in this category will appear on the screen. The participant can enter his nickname and see his place in the overall ranking. After each played quiz, the position will change and the statistics will be updated.

Enjoy a bright and at the same time interesting geographical puzzle and get pleasure and knowledge from the game.

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