Guess the Country with WORLDLE

The world-famous word game has been transformed into a geographic quiz game called Worldle. The analog of the Wordle game quickly gained momentum and now more than half a million users are eagerly guessing territories and countries from the contours.

The idea of guessing countries instead of words came from Antoine Teufe, the creator of websites and video games. He was inspired by the game Wordle, an opportunity not only to achieve results but also to share them online, that he decided to create a spin-off. Since his friends love geographic quizzes, the idea came instantly.

How to play

Before the player opens a territory filled with black color. The main goal is to examine the contours of the country and find out its name. To do this, just click on the line and select the name of the state from the list. As in Wordle, the player has six tries to guess the territory.

After a wrong answer, the participant gets a hint. The message specifies how far away the country specified in the attempt is from the silhouette on the map, and in which direction to move. The accuracy of the chosen option is indicated as a percentage.

In the process of determining the Worldle flashes squares of different colors: gray, yellow, and green. The closer the player got to the country, the more green squares will be flashing.

If the participant is good at geography, the task can be made more difficult. It is possible to change the accuracy score to a percentage by size, to set a different angle of rotation of the image. A more complicated version with hidden outlines. With these conditions, the player will have to navigate only by distance and direction.

A new Worldle round is available every day. The participant can see his statistics: the number of games and won tasks, accuracy, the minimum distance to the target.

You can brag about your result on the network, and you can also see the classified country on Google Maps and learn more about it on the Wikipedia pages. The game was launched Jan. 30 on an open platform. Within two weeks of its existence, the online game was one of the top five searches on search engines. On February 14, the game was played by over 500,000 users.

To the game every day joins more and more people. The number of participants has already reached one million. Among the advantages of entertainment Antoine Tef himself names the following qualities: the absence of fees, clear and accessible rules, the absence of commercials. Ability to share their successes in social networks allows to attract even more users. Worldle is a fascinating entertainment that will not only train your memory, spatial thinking, but also allow you to travel around the world and perhaps compete with your friends.