Flags of the World Quiz

Time to travel the countries of the world with Flags of the World Quiz. Test your knowledge of geography, learn about states and their symbols, including flags. Guess the puzzle daily, improve your scores and share your victories with your friends.

✅ How to play

The game is available in 9 languages. To choose your option, click the corresponding flag at the beginning of the game.

The goal of Flags of the World QuizM is to guess all the flags as quickly as possible and get the maximum number of points per game. The name of the country and four flags appear on the screen. The player's task is to select a flag and click on it to match the name. There is no time to think: the faster you decide, the more points you will get for the game.

The round consists of 15 name countries. The participant sees a counter that counts down points in reverse order. The more time a player spends thinking and hesitating, the less points he gets per game. The account starts from 500 points and goes to zero. When the last points are exhausted, the player still has a chance to answer the question and choose the correct flag, but even if the answer is correct, no points are added to the score.

As soon as the participant chooses an answer, the flags will be framed in red or green. The red color indicates the wrong answer, the green indicates that the selected option is correct. The result is indicated by asterisks or red crosses, namely victory and loss, respectively.

The number of points depends on how quickly the participant manages to answer the question. If the counter does not have time to reach zero, the amount will be credited to the player's account.

Round results

At the end of the game, all flags with a frame of the corresponding color will be displayed on the screen. The player will be able to check where mistakes were made and take them into account for the next Flags of the World Quiz game. In addition, the participant has the opportunity to see the score of the played round and the best score. Compare results and improve your skills, flag knowledge and reaction speed.
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