World Map Quiz

World Map Quiz is a popular quiz that continues to lose its fans. The game in an easy and interesting interactive form will allow you to remember or learn information about the countries of the world, their location and main cities. Guess the quiz questions and improve your personal rating.

✅ How to play

The playing field is an expanded map of the world, on which the borders of states are marked. The player's task is to indicate the exact location of the city whose name is indicated on the screen. The round consists of five tasks, i.e. five names of cities of the countries of the world.

As soon as the name of the country and metropolis appears, find the location and determine the location as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, the player has no hints, so he will have to rely on his own knowledge. Click on the map and set the label. The player tag is orange and has a picture of a question mark.

As soon as the answer is entered, the next green mark will automatically appear on the map. It shows the correct answer and how close the participant was to the target. According to this algorithm, 5 geographical locations should be guessed.

The player can use the options to increase or decrease the map if necessary. To do this, click on the "plus" or "minus" signs in the upper corner of the screen.

Game results

At the end of the round, all orange and green markers will be displayed on the screen. And also the player will be able to track the distance between them, which will be marked by lines. The score of the game depends on the mistake of the participant.

Statistics are displayed on the screen. The player receives information about the personal score, the average error distance. The participant also has the opportunity to see which answer was the best i.e. the most accurate. The name of the country and city and the distance from the city to the location indicated by the player are displayed on the screen. World Map Quiz is an intelligent quiz game that is great for recreation and learning for both adult users and children.

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