World Countries Game

World Countries Game - is a game for those who love geography and know the world map. Find countries, indicate their location and get points for each guess.

✅ How to play World Countries Game

The game takes place on a large world map. The player sees only the borders of the countries. The task of the game is to find and indicate the capital of the state. In each round, the participant is presented with a list of countries that must be found on the map.

The task indicates the name of the state and its capital. The participant has to click as quickly as possible on the location where the city from the task is probably located. Time is limited by a slider on the screen. All this time, the player has a location in front of him, namely the capital, which must be marked on the map.

When the selection is made, click on the dot and mark the city. As a result, the label will change its color:

  • blue color – participant's mark until the end of the time for reflection;
  • red color – a label that shows the correct location;
  • green color indicates that the participant was quite close to the answer.

When finished, compare the location of your marks with the answer. Information about the distance to the secret location will appear on the screen, as well as the player's rating among other participants.

Points are awarded for each guessed city. The participant can track the position in the ranking and compare with the success of other players.

The game can be played without time and location restrictions. The puzzle activates knowledge of geography, expands knowledge of countries and capitals of the world, and improves logic and thinking. Quick reaction and cleverness will also help to win and occupy the top positions of the game ratings.

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