Oundle is an unusual puzzle game for those who want to test their knowledge of British geography. Guess English cities and locations and win.

✅ How to play Oundle

Demonstrate your knowledge on the playing field. Which consists of 6 rows of squares. That's how many attempts the player has to guess the classified British terrain. Difficulty can be adjusted. At the beginning of the game, the participant can choose the length of the word, that is, the number of letters. Move the slider and visually observe how the number of squares in the word decreases from 4 to 11.

Use the keyboard layout below the playing field and type the first option of the word. You can enter letters using a computer or laptop keyboard. Check the word for correct letters. Pay attention to the colors. If it was not possible to guess the word on the first try. Some letters will change their color. Yellow squares indicate that the letters need to be moved to another position in the word. The green color indicates that the letter is in its place. There are no gray letters in the guessed name.

In the quiz, you can guess the names of the 1000 largest British cities by population. In riddles, there are no places that have two or more words in their composition, which allows you to avoid confusion.

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