Geo Guess Game

Geo Guess Game - is one of the games in the category of geographic quizzes. The winner will be the one who guesses the location with the minimum number of attempts. A daily challenge awaits players, which makes the game even more exciting. Try to recognize the place, having only the smallest segments of the image.

✅ How to play Geo Guess Game

To achieve the goal, the player has 6 attempts. With each new attempt, one segment of the image opens for the player. To specify a location, type the name in the line below the picture. As soon as several letters are entered, the system will prompt you with possible options. Choose the optimal one and click on it. If the answer is wrong, look at the photo again and go to the next possible location.

The list of names includes not only the landmark, but also the name of the country and city. Such information will help to choose a possible guessing option more accurately. After entering the correct answer, the player receives a point for statistics. The next task opens after midnight. One riddle awaits the participant every day.

The results and achievements of the game are easy to view in the statistics section. Here are the number of rounds played, attempts used and quiz winning percentage. It will take maximum attention to detail, thinking and memory - and victory is yours.

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