African Countries Quiz

African Countries Quiz is a quiz game for those who are ready to travel the African continent. Search for countries and get points for your account. Share your successes with your friends and invite them to the game.

✅ How to play

If you do not have enough knowledge about the location of African countries, start the game from the "Library" section. Open the category and familiarize yourself with the map of the continent. All states are signed and highlighted in different colors on the map.

Test your knowledge in the game. The rules of the quiz are simple and understandable even to children. The name of the country that needs to be found on the map is displayed on the screen. To do this, just click on the territory. If the answer is correct, the player receives a point for the score. The guessed country receives a signature, which allows not to consider this territory in subsequent tasks.

There is an attempt counter on the screen. The player has an infinite number of attempts. If the answer is difficult to find, you can skip the question and go to another country name. The game score indicates the number of states guessed out of the total number of questions.

Create your own game

The participant can change the quiz settings. In the options section, you can not only adjust or cancel the sound, but also set the optimal number of countries for one round of the game, as well as adjust the territories and choose only parts of the continent for the quiz, for example, South Africa or Central Africa and others.

The game develops and improves knowledge of geography, trains thinking and logic and will be a great way to spend your free time in a fun and useful way.

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