Locatle is an intellectual game for everyone who loves to travel and enjoy extraordinary views. Discover the landscapes of new countries, the landscapes of famous vacation spots.

Every day the player receives a new task.

✅ How to play Locatle

The rules of the game resemble a quiz. An image of one of the world's countries is displayed on the screen in front of the participant. Look at the picture and, taking into account the features of the climate, architecture and places of interest in the photo, type the name of the country. For this, there are 6 empty lines at the bottom, which corresponds to the number of attempts available.

Type the name of the country. Already after the first letters, the system will issue possible options, taking into account the printed letters. When the name is entered, a distance indicator will appear on the screen. The number corresponds to the number of kilometers from the location shown in the photo to the capital of the country chosen by the player. Take into account the distance and select the location more precisely.

With each new attempt, adjust the direction and try to find the mysterious country. If you cannot guess the name, the country is displayed on the screen. A new puzzle will be opened the next day.

The Locatle game develops memory, thinking, improves knowledge of geography. Improve your knowledge of geography and enjoy beautiful landscapes and travel around the famous places of the countries of the world.

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