Infinite Worldle

Infinite Worldle is an intellectual quiz for those who are ready to exercise their minds. Every day, a new challenge awaits the player in the form of a classified territory. Start the game and share your results with your friends.

✅ How to play

The goal of the game is to guess the name of the countries by its borders. The territory is shown on the screen in front of the player. You should carefully look at the outlines and print the first guess. Below the picture is a search bar. After the first attempt, additional hints will appear on the screen.

Use the information about the country that was selected and adjust the following options. Next to the names that the player chooses, additional information is provided in the form of the distance to the classified country, the direction of travel to it, as well as the accuracy of the guess in percent.

For the next attempt, the player conditionally has to move on the map in the indicated direction to the appropriate distance. Achieve maximum accuracy and win.

The player has six guesses, which corresponds to the number of lines for entering the names of the states.

Quiz results

At the end of the round, the game statistics will appear on the screen. The participant receives a result that shows the number of games played, the number of wins in percentage, as well as the number of successful rounds in a row and the best attempts.

Every day the participant receives a new task. This feature allows players from all over the world to guess one classified country. Arrange a real competition with your friends and guess the mysterious countries as quickly as possible.

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