Citydle is a puzzle game for every day. It will not be possible to be sad, because every day a new journey and discovery awaits the player. It's time to demonstrate your knowledge of geography. Guess the cities and get points for the ranking.

✅ How to play Citydle

In the game, one of the megacities or the capital of the countries of the world is guessed every day. Therefore, it will not be so difficult to find a guess. Be attentive and make maximum use of the hints that will appear on the screen during the game.

The participant is asked to use 6 attempts to guess one of the cities of the world. The task is not easy. Choose the first option at random and wait for the result. The name will change color, and a numeric value and an arrow pointer will appear next to it.

The gray color indicates that the option is quite far from the target. The more accurate and closer the city chosen by the player is, the brighter the colors. Yellow and orange show that the participant is close to the target and moving in the right direction. The color of the guess is green.

Additional hints will be the distances indicated next to it. This is the distance from the city chosen by the player to the classified capital. The direction of movement where you should go on the map. The blue arrow points.

If it was not possible to guess the name, the screen will show the guessed location, the country in which it is located and information about the population.

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