195 Country Flags Quiz

Ready to test your geography knowledge and expand your knowledge of country locations? Choose the game 195 Country Flags Quiz and guess the countries by the flag in quiz format. Such entertainment will appeal not only to adults, but also to small users. The application can be used to study relevant topics in geography.

✅ How to play

The goal of the game is to guess the country. The name of the country and four flags appear on the screen. The player's task is to choose the correct flag and click on it. The correct answer will be notified by green or red elements that will appear on the screen.

The quiz is available without restrictions. Each player can play endlessly, earning points for correct answers.

Choose the difficulty of the game

The game has two modes: normal and difficult. The normal mode involves seconds of time and 5 lives, i.e. errors. The game continues until all attempts are used or the allotted time runs out. At the end of the round, the result of the game will appear on the screen. The player will be able to compare the obtained points for the game with the highest indicator for this level that he managed to get.

Do you have confidence in the flawlessness of your knowledge of geography? Choose a difficult mode that will be a real challenge even for intellectuals.

The duration of the game is 30 seconds and is limited by a timer. The game ends after the first mistake. The participant has no right to make a mistake. The algorithm of the game is the same as the normal mode.

The player clicks on the flag that corresponds to the name of the country. As soon as the choice is made, a green bird or a red cross appears on the flag, indicating success or failure. At the end, the result of the round and the best score for all games are displayed on the screen.

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