Asian Countries Map Quiz

Asian Countries Map Quiz is an interesting, interactive quiz that will help you practice, test, and gain new geographical knowledge. Guess the countries of Asia, their locations and get points for correct answers.

✅ How to play

The goal of the player is to indicate the required country on the map. In total, the game consists of 30 questions. The screen shows a map of the Asian continent with country borders. Each state is painted in a different color.

When the game starts, the first question appears on the screen about the location of a certain country, for example, where is Thailand located. The player must find the silhouette of the country on the map and click on it. If the answer is correct, the area will be painted green.

After three unsuccessful attempts, the territory will be highlighted with a dynamic dotted line on the map. Click on it and go to the next question.

Game results

At the beginning of the round, the player has 100 points. This number decreases depending on the number of mistakes made. For three mistakes, 10 points are deducted from the score. That is, the maximum number of points for a successful game is 100. The minimum score is 1 point.

A timer is also activated on the screen, which records how much time the participant needs to guess all 30 questions. The game is not limited in time.

After completing the quiz, the results of the game appear on the screen: the number of points earned, the time spent on the game. In addition, the participant has the opportunity to start the next game. The number of rounds is unlimited.

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