Globle Wordle Game

Rotate the planet and guess the countries. Globle is a popular game that fascinates adults and children. Play and demonstrate or improve your geography knowledge.

✅ How to play Globle Wordle Game

The player's task is to guess the country of the day. Find the classified state using the minimum number of attempts. Depending on how close you get to the guess, the color of the area will change. The redder the tone, the closer the player is to the target.

Enter the first name and wait for the result. The globe will quickly stop and the territory of the country whose name was entered in the first attempt will light up on it. Depending on the color saturation, choose the next option. If the color becomes "hotter", move in the same direction. When you manage to guess the name, the territory of the mysterious country will be painted green.

The player can choose the language of the game and change some settings in the design, like day or night mode and others. Success in the game is recorded in the statistics section. The participant can compare his achievements with previous games, check the total number of rounds and wins. In addition, information about the number of used attempts is indicated in the statistics. Improve your knowledge of geography, train your memory and set records.

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