Flagle is an original game from the cognitive quiz category. If you want to test your knowledge of geography - click and complete the daily tasks.

✅ How to play Flagle

The player's goal is to guess the name of the country whose flag is hidden behind the tiles. In front of the participant are 6 dice, which turn over during the game and gradually reveal the symbol of one of the states of the world. Each of the elements corresponds to one attempt. That is, the player has six opportunities to name the country.

Use the notation that appears next to each name as a hint. The arrow points in the direction where the secret country is located according to the option chosen by the player. The numerical value indicates the distance in kilometers. The name of the state can be typed in the ribbon below or selected from the list of countries that opens automatically from the first letters entered. Almost all countries from all continents of the world are represented in the redistribution.

If the name is guessed, a bouquet will appear instead of an arrow, and the distance will be zero.

You can view your success in the statistics section. The number of rounds played, wins and losses are indicated in the corresponding columns. Additionally, you can compare how many attempts a player needs to guess the flag.

You can share your success in the game on a social network without revealing the secret task of the day. Find flags and countries and win daily.

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