Countryle is a geographical puzzle for those who know no borders. Guess the country based on a few clues and wait for the next challenge.

✅ How to play

The player's task is to guess the name of the classified country, using additional information. Use the fewest number of attempts and discover the hidden objective.

The first option will have to be chosen at random. Already after the first attempt, hints will appear that you can use to make adjustments. Information about the location will be displayed opposite the name, namely the hemisphere, the continent where the country is located, the average air temperature and the population of the selected country.

Each of the icons is painted in a certain color. Red indicates that the category was not guessed. That is, the classified country is located in another hemisphere and on another continent. The same applies to other information presented under the name of the country. The blue compass arrow indicates the direction of the target, relative to the location chosen by the player.

As soon as the participant guesses the name, all the indicators turn green, and a map of the country that was guessed that day is displayed on the screen. The task changes every day, so the player is waiting for an exciting journey through the countries of the world.

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