Guess the locations and travel through the states of America. Wheredle is a game that will instantly transport you to the most remote corners of the United States, but it will not be easy. Guess the area using the information in the picture.

✅ How to play Wheredle

On the playing field in front of the participant is a photo in the format of a panoramic view. Look at the location and type the answer - the name of the state. As a hint, use not only the panoramic view of the street, but also the direction indicated in the image.

The developers recommend paying close attention to the smallest details that can help solve the puzzle. Pay attention to the inscriptions on cars, road signs, signs at offices and shops. The details of the architecture will help to recognize the location. Landscapes can be used to determine the climate or season, which will narrow the scope of the search.

The player has seven attempts to guess the classified state. Enter the name and wait for the result. As a hint, an arrow will appear next to each option proposed by the participant. The sign will indicate in which direction the territory is located in relation to the specified geographical location.

Attention to the smallest details will be required. Sharpen your memory and train your thinking to achieve victory. Success will be recorded in a separate section. Every day a new puzzle awaits the player.

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