Geo Wordle

Geo Wordle is a daily intellectual quiz game for adults and children, test your knowledge of geography, use hints and demonstrate top results in the ranking.

✅ How to play

The goal of the game is to guess the classified country. The participant has 7 attempts to choose the right name. Enter the first option at random. In the search bar, select a country from the available list. When you have decided on the name, click on the button next to it to enter the answer. The names of the countries are arranged in alphabetical order with additional information about the population, continent, form of government.

After the first attempt, the player will receive hints in the form of color coding and numerical values. Red squares indicate that these data are not typical for a classified state. Green elements indicate that the puzzled country has the same characteristics. Arrows indicate that the numerical value is greater or less than that of the mystery country.

The screen displays information on the following indicators: the name of the continent on which the country is located, population, features of the location, religion, average air temperature, as well as the form of government. Analyze the information, compare and choose the next option based on the hints. Also prepare for daily research.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to share their results on social networks. Only one quiz is available each day. Participants from all over the world must guess one classified country of the day. Such a feature activates excitement and enthusiasm. Play with your friends head-to-head and get the victory.

The game is modeled after the popular word game Wordle. If word games are not to your liking, it's time to test yourself in geography. Guess the mysterious countries, get as close as possible to the guess and win.

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