Wordle Cities

Travel through towns around the world in one game. Wordle Cities is an intellectual game in which you need to guess the name of one of the encrypted cities. Replace letters, use hints, improve statistics in a spare moment.

✅ How to play Wordle Cities game

The playing field resembles a crossword puzzle field. For convenience, you can choose the language of the game. There are 12 languages to choose from. There are 6 rows of empty cells in front of the participant. Each row corresponds to a separate attempt. Enter the letters here and find a guess. The name of the city consists of 6 letters. The player can choose the length of the name of the encrypted city from 4 to 11 letters.

Since there is no clue to find the answer, pay attention to the color scheme of the letters in each attempt. If the square is painted green, the letter is not only in the name of the city, but also the player managed to guess its position in the word. The yellow letters are present in the encrypted word, but their position needs to be changed. Gray letters do not need to be used in the next attempt. Pay attention to the colors and determine how close you managed to get to the clues.

In the additional settings, you can change the color scheme, game modes, letter hint. Use the on-screen keyboard layout to enter possible options.

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