Capital Cities of the World Quiz

Capital Cities of the World Quiz opens for each capital city of the most distant countries in the world. Travel around the globe, guessing the main cities of the countries and enjoy the result of the game. The quiz performs not only an entertaining function, but is also great for studying geography and improving knowledge about countries.

✅ How to play

In front of the player is a map with color markings, the name of the country, and an image in the form of an asterisk, which indicates the location of the capital.

There are also 4 city names on the playing field. The player must choose from them the one that corresponds to the marking on the map and is the capital of the indicated state. Choose an option and go to the next state.

If the answer is correct, the player gets 1 point for the score. In case of an error, the reward is not received, and the correct answer is displayed on the screen.

For convenience, you can enlarge or reduce the image of the map. Use the "plus" and "minus" symbols on the screen. Train, have fun and improve your geography knowledge.

Create your game

The participant has the opportunity to change the parameters of the game. In the options section, change the number of riddled capitals from 10 to 197. This option will allow you to choose a simple or complex level.

In addition, it is possible to limit the number of quiz questions to a certain continent. Gradually learn and practice finding the capitals of Africa, Asia, Europe and other territories.

In the "Library" section, the participant can familiarize himself with the list of countries and capitals. Look here when you need to refresh your knowledge or find new information.

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