Wherdle is an interesting game for those who like to travel and visit interesting places. Try to guess the name of the city by looking at five photos. The task changes daily. A new challenge awaits every day. You can share your success on social networks and challenge your friends.

✅ How to play Wherdle

The player's task is to view images of locations and guess the name of the city. Five chances are given for guessing. After each test, a new photo is taken. To guess the name of the country and city, carefully examine the image. Even the smallest detail can be a clue: inscriptions, climate features, streets and architecture.

You need to type the name of the city in the lines below under the images. Already after the first option opposite, additional information about the location of the classified place is opened. Use the data as a hint. The arrow indicates the direction of movement from the location to the named city. The number corresponds to the distance in kilometers. Such information allows you to orient yourself and choose a more accurate answer.

After the game, you can check the statistics and track your result. The general chart shows the number of rounds played and the corresponding number of successful games. Study the features and characteristics of each country and improve your knowledge of geography. Wherdle allows you to travel by clicking on the screen.

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