Guess The Country Flag Quiz

Guess The Country Flag Quiz is an intellectual game on a geographical theme. Guess the flags and states, get points and improve your overall rating. The game develops logic, trains memory, improves thinking. Enjoy the bright colors of flags and travel around the world.

✅ How to play

The goal of the game is to guess as many countries as possible according to the flag. In the center of the screen appears the country's flag and four flags in a row under the name. Click on the correct flag and receive a colored notification: green indicates a correct answer, red indicates an error. In addition, a sound notification of the selection result is provided.

The player has three rights to error, which are displayed as hearts. As soon as a mistake is made in the answers, the heart disappears. The game continues until there are no more hearts on the screen.

One point is credited to the participant's account for each correct answer. The maximum number of points scored for all rounds is recorded on the screen. The quiz is available in three languages. The list includes English, Turkish and Russian. Choose the language of the game by clicking on the flag in the upper corner of the screen and guess the names of the countries.

The game features more than 200 flags of the countries of the world. Use the quiz to learn about flags and countries. It will be interesting and useful not only for adult participants, but also for young players who want to demonstrate their intelligence and improve their knowledge of geography.

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